The real estate sector is benefiting from economic growth, due to an upward trend in domestic demand and growing global trade. The number of transactions is increasing, ranging from the transformation of existing real estate to more new build developments. Building-related sustainability requirements, changes in designation, dwindling retailer numbers, and vacant offices all necessitate smart solutions.

Our team assists investors, project developers, financial institutions, construction companies, housing corporations and end users with complex real estate transactions and disputes.

We combine our extensive sector knowledge with our knowledge of areas such as purchase and sales transactions, tenancy law, leasing, procurement, environmental law, project development, administrative law and real estate financing. Our team helps players in the national and international real estate sector succeed.


  • Contract Preparation, Interpretation, and Enforcement
  • Real Estate Legal Due Diligences
  • Tenancy law
  • Project development and construction law
  • Administrative law and environmental law